Open Access Week – preparation

Dear Friends,

I was expecting some suggestions from you on activities we can plan for OPEN ACCESS WEEK.

As usual, you are yet to come up with your suggestions, so some probable events / activities are given below.

  • Poster presentation on OER, Open Access, Open Data and Open Source
  • Wall Debate on “Why or why not Open Access?”

Think on and suggest any other topics of relevance.

Warm regards

M. Rajendran




Plan for this week (Deadlines expires in the respective classes itself)

Dear Friends,

I was thinking last one week on, how can we go about this week class on Open Access, Open Eduational Resources, Open Education, Open Source and Open Data.

I just thinking of exploring the following way.

  1. You have identified terms related to above concepts through your web search. So, we will begin by sharing terms identified by each group on each aspect. The terms will be collated in the blackboard by me (later i will post the term in class blog). (10 minutes)
  2. Now, each group select one of the themes (I expect you will choose different aspects, if not, i will assign) and discuss what they read about it, and locate information on those terms which individual group did not locate earlier (parallel to the discussion) (45 minutes)
  3. Each group make presentation on respective themes. (7 minutes for each group – (35 minutes) + 3 minutes discussion for each group (15 group). If a particular stream has more than 5 group, it will be merged for the present task by me.  (50 minutes)
  4. Each group will make a post about their presentation (content in your own expression) and reflection and making of visual materials will follow in the next week.

Warm regards

M Rajendran

Group A – Subgroups

Dear Group A  Friends,

Find below the details of your sub group. I will post in a day or two on Which sub group work on concept map you are going to evaluate.

Group A (I)-Biology Group A(II)- Biology Group A(III)-Chemistry
1.       Sakshi Uniyal

2.       Ritu Vinaik

3.       Arun Yadav

1.       Karuna Yadav

2.       Puneet Singh

3.       Bhumika

1.       Arjun Kumar

2.       Sanjeev Kumar

3.       Shreya Shree

Group A (IV) -Chemistry Group A(V) – Physics Group A (VI) – Physics
1.       Naveen Kumar

2.       Sanuj Yadav

1.       Abhishek Pandey

2.       Deepak Kumar

3.       Dharamendra Kr Gautam

4.       Richa Chauhan


M. Rajendran

Consolidate your work.

Dear Friends,

I could see, some of our friends are yet to complete the task.

As these tasks were of basic in nature, i expect everyone should complete by this week end.

I could follow some of our friends who had submitted their blog name as a part of the form.

Please find the list of people whose blog id i got and started following. Others are requested to submit the form, or if submitted, kindly cross check it with me to follow you in blog to see your progress.

Click here to see the list –> B.Ed. blogger list

Best wishes


Find the link to see our new website for EPC- II course

Dear friends,

Please click the following link to visit our new website and engage the tasks assigned.

Best regards

M. Rajendran

Why did you like to pursue B.Ed?

Dear Friends,

Reflect on ” Why did you like to pursue B.Ed.?” and share it with us to get an idea about your intentions.

Best wishes

M. Rajendran

All the best to all of you

Dear Friends,

Hope you all enjoyed your journey of B.Ed. Programme (July 22 to April 15) here in CIE. You may learnt some good things, developed certain perspectives on education, acquired certain pedagogical skills and understandings and met some good friends.

No more commitments to meet the deadlines in the form of TAPS assignments and filling the form etc. Hope you have relieved (!!!).

Today, I happen to interact one of you and listened that, “now I have time and will write on my blog ……something sounded like my days in CIE”.

I felt happy and thought 0f sharing it with all of you, that,  if some of you reflect on your experiences in pursuing B.Ed. programme here in the form of posts may be a meaningful expression about the course.

Looking forward to read some of your reflections, and my best wishes to all to have a wonderful life ahead.


M. Rajendran

B.Ed. Student teachers experience during practice teaching

Dear Student Teachers,

Please fill the online form and share your experiences during the practice teaching of your B.Ed. programme.

For filling the online form ————-> Click here

Best regards

Ashish, Ritu, Rajendran, Gaurav and Sharad

Project team

From submission details – updated till 15.4.2015 evening

Dear Friends,

kindly check the form submission details and fill if you have left out any form.

click here to know the submission details —> Form submission details 15.4.2015 morning

Best regards

From submission details – updated till 6.4.2015 morning 11 am

Dear friends,

While checking the form submission details, I found that, around 30 student teachers filled the “student teacher detail” form once again. I request them to check the update from the first post of (, not the previous updates. 

I have updated the data on the details of form submission done by you. Kindly check whether your form is recorded or not from the list given below. If not, kindly fill the same.

To know your form submission status ——–>Form submission details 6.4.2015 morning

The form related to SEP will be posted here ——> Click here (*New)

Friends who are yet to complete in filling forms (all / some) are required to fill the same by this week end. The linkes you can find it in post on 12.03.2015.

Best regards